Take Gizmo Home For Halloween, Keep Him Furever

Gizmo is a 16 year old senior cat. He is available for adoption at the Womens Animal Center on Richlieu Road, in Bensalem.   Gizmo is a Main Coon which means he is a big bigger than other cats. He had to be put up for adoption when his owners moved and could not take him.  Gizmo should be okay around dogs , other cats and children.


This cat loves to have his chin scratched and is purrfect to lay around and supervise while you tend to household duties like watching TV or doing computer work. In fact, he may even help with that. Gizmo is a newer arrival at the shelter. He won’t be there for long.  If you have patience, look at a cat named Tortellini, who is one of Gizmo’s neighbors at the shelter.  He his a bit scared which makes him temperamental and you may need to spend time with him before he come out of his shell.  He did not want to be photographed for this story.