Philadelphia Chief Inspector Carl Holmes Arrested For Sex Charges

Carl Holmes Phila Police


By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Carl Holmes was arrested today, October 24, 2019 . He is charged with sexually assaulting three Philadelphia Police Officers. The officers were females. Holmes was investigated by the a grand jury who recommended the charges. His rank is second only to that of a deputy commissioner.  That position and rank was exploited by him, the indictment said. He is accused of kissing, fondling and  sticking his hands down the pants of those officers,  who did not want any physical contact with him.

He surrendered himself to his  own department and will be arraigned. later today.  Any female officers that complained against him were investigated themselves by Internal Affairs. In 29 years Holmes had two different complaints lodged against him by different women alleging sexual assault or harassment. One women officer  met with Holmes while she was training for the Academy.  She met him about a year later about asking a superior to stop harassing her.  Holmes is then alleged to have picked her up and put her on the desk. he reportedly said “I can make you dissapear at any time,”. He told the female officer that her accuser and he were very good friends.




He then jammed his hands down her pants saying “I just want to taste you”. She was then investigated by the department and arrested when  drugs were found in front  of her residence. She was accused of consorting with drug dealers. That report was unfounded but  still she was removed from active duty.  She quit in 2009. Other women have filed suit against the 6 foot 6 inch commander. Those lawsuits have cost the city millions.  Holmes will have to hire a private attorney as the union has said they refuse to represent him. Holmes was charged with Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, and other sexual offenses against three complaining witnesses, police said. His is suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss.