Animal Cruelty Tackled By the House

Alex Lloyd Gross

It is a no brainier. Pass a bill that toughens existing laws against animal cruelty.  That is exactly what happened this past week in the US House of Representatives The US senate has their own bill and that they are working on.  So it is not law just yet.  The Preventing Animal  Cruelty and Torture  Act ( Pact) will be tougher on those twisted individuals who  to intentionally engage in animal crushing if the animals or animal crushing is in, substantially affects, or uses a means or facility of, interstate or foreign commerce,” according to a fact sheet of the bill. .




There are sick people that are sexually gratified by watching animals get crushed or otherwise abused. Even sicker pieces of crap will make these videos or sell them in the hopes of getting rich . This new law will make it a criminal offense to posses, or sell or offer for sale  or distribute these kinds of videos.. Much like purveyors of child porn. This bill wa

s enacted by Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan form Florida and Democratic Congressman Ted Duetch.Both men received loads of support for this bill. Assuming the senate incorporates this language into their own bill , should that pass, it goes back to the house. Once they agree with what the senate amended to it, then it goes to the president’s desk.



Will Trump sign it?  That is up in the air. Trump has  shown his disdain for animals  by allowing trophy hunting on a case by case basis. His own sons are known to engage in this practice. By the time this bill is ready for his signature, it will be close to election time. His staff would most certainly  advise him to sign it quickly, and to make a big production of it.  It is the surest way to get pet owners on your side. Not signing this is ammunition democrats will certainly use against him on the campaign trail.  Trump has not said either way if he will sign this.