Bensalem Police “Order” Alleged Prostitute From Internet Advertisement

Bensalem Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police were looking at advertisements on the internet for sex workers. The were looking for people doing business in Bensalem or located in Bensalem They stumbled across a very provocative ad that read in part “Fellas Im Nikki, this kitty always tight and wet” with a number to call for out calls. Also in this ad was a description of sex acts that “Nikki” liked to do and had a location  in in Philadelphia. There were also nude photos of “Nikki”.  Police might have been intrigued by the ad but they wanted to see if “Nikki” would come to meet them in a Bensalem motel.

Arrangements were made and an officer agreed to pay “Nikki” $180.00 for an hour of protected sex. According to court documents, he advised her that he was at the extended stay of America in  Bensalem , and on October 10, 2019 she agreed to meet him there. About 90 minutes later  she texted him that she was outside the door. She was invited into the room and  taken into custody.


Police identified her has  Ashley Sands of Dicks Avenue in Philadelphia. They contacted the phone number in the ad and it rang his work number  on her cell phone.  Sands is being charged with prostitution and related charges.