Repeat Sex Offender Sentenced To Decades In Prison

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A 53 year old Delaware County Male was sentenced to spend 30 years in federal prison after he was convicted of using a computer to entice children to send him naked photos. Police said that James Traband, of Upland Pa. would make a fake Facebook account by using a profile of a 13 year old boy. This boy lives with him and the profile was used by Traband, authorities said.  After Traband is finished his prison sentence, he will be monitored for the rest of his life.

Traband had naked photos of this boy and would use those pictures to entice other children to send naked photos of themselves via social media. At the time he committed these offenses, Traband was a registered sex offender, having previously been convicted in Delaware County of child pornography offenses. He was also under court supervision. He had done this before but was somehow cut a break.

This case was  initially investigated by local authorities in Delaware County, but  it  got moved to federal status, where the FBI took over the investigation. he was convicted of distributing child pornography.Traband’s days of exploiting and victimizing children online are over,” said First Assistant U.S. Attorney Williams. “Child sexual exploitation is appallingly pervasive, and exacerbated by the easy availability of digital media and communications. This case serves as a message to all adults who care for children: please monitor what they do online. And as always, we stand ready with our federal partners to identify and prosecute these criminals.”