14 Year Old Girl Arrested For Killing Animal Rescuer


By Alex Lloyd Gross

Police said a 14 year old girl has been arrested for the brutal murder of Al Chernoff, the beloved animal rescue star who lived on Algon Avenue.  What this 14 year old girl was doing in his house at 2:00 AM is still the million dollar question. Speculation was that she was working as a prostitute and other say she came to Chernoff’s house for help.  One thing is for sure,  she was caught on a video that she knew nothing about.

At certain points while she is in the house, she was caught on video that was an elaborately set up around the house, to keep an eye on the animals Chenoff rescued. She had no clue the cameras were there,  until she saw herself plastered on local media as a person of interest. She is observed walked around the house especially the kitchen area.  She was accompanied by her parents and a lawyer who turned herself in yesterday, November 7 2019.


Philadelphia Police make a recommendation on whether she will be charged as an adult. District Attorney Larry Krasner will make the final determination. Krasner , a progressive has come out in favor of soft sentences  in the past and will be torn about what to do with this case. Krasner is against the death penalty and the US Supreme Court has ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced to death, even if they are charged as adults. This, many people say is the perfect case for a death penalty.

This 14 year old delinquent  is alleged to have smashed Chernoff with a board covered  with nails, as he was laying in his bed, unable to defend himself.  Chernoff  was an Army Veteran and helped rescue unwanted and abused animals.  He was featured on the television show Rescue Ink. You can read the original story here