Bucks County Male Arrested For Anti-Jewish Texts Gets Freed By Judge

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By Alex Lloyd Gross

It was just a few months ago that Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub attended an event in Elkins Park Pa to call attention to the rise in Jewish hatred. This kind of threatening conduct has never been higher in the United States since World War 2.  Over the recent Thanksgiving Day holiday, a male from Warwick Township was allegedly sending harassing and offensive texts to a Jewish male. Not just once. He first sent a Nazi symbol at 12:23 PM on Thanksgiving. He sent them well into the night and only stopped shortly before 1:30 AM on Friday.

Hunter Robert-William Ryan, 21, of the 2600 block of Fallow Hill Lane, was arrested Tuesday evening and arraigned on the misdemeanor charges of ethnic intimidation and harassment.  Ryan was told to stop by the victim. He did not, police said and continued to send inflammatory texts that were not wanted nor requested.  Ryan was told to stop numerous times and when asked why he was sending this correspondence his reply was “Because it’s funny.”

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by investigators from the Buckingham Township Police Department, Ryan sent the victim images depicting a Nazi flag and symbols, photos and a video of Adolf Hitler, an image of Anne Frank followed by a photo of ashes and other vitriolic messages. Ryan was arrested by Buckingham Police and brought before District Justice Maggie Snow who set him free on $50,000 unsecured bail.

It is unclear how the victims knew Ryan or what their relationship was. Ryan must appear back in court  January 27 .  During the event with Senator Art Haywood,  Weintraub stood on the stage with the senator, who vowed these types of crimes would be taken seriously and not plead down to other offenses.