Tink Is Looking For Her Holiday Present

Tink, is a relatively new resident of the Womens Animal Center on Richlieu Road, in Bensalem.  She was taken in in early November when her owner could not take care of her.  She is a domestic short hair, low maintenance cat.  Tink’s description is Sweet and Playful.  If you are thinking about adopting Tink, check with shelter workers abut her compatibility with other animals.





Tink should be fine around children. When adopting any animal for the holidays,  stop and think for a moment. This is going to be an additional member of your family. Something that will love and form a bond with you and your family members.  Like all living things, the animal will grow and mature. If you are not ready for that or are of the mindset that when the cuteness wears off you can just take it back to the pound,  please save yourself and the animal time and visit the toy store instead for a stuffed animal. Animals that are adopted want to grow with you and be a part of your family.  If you are ready for that, Tink is ready for you.