Help Police Find Hit and Run Driver

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police need your help and so does a family who is devastated .  Last night, December 12, 2019 as 82 year old Youlia Sherman of the Somerton section of  northeast Philadelphia was struck and killed by a dark colored SUV. The driver kept going.  The crash happened  at the intersection of Bustleton  Avenue and Hendrix Street  That area has multiple businesses and residences in a two block radius and police think someone’s security camera might have captured something.



Even if it did not capture an impact, it might capture the vehicle  driving to or speeding away from the scene.  Sherman was struck while she was in the crosswalk.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  When the vehicle struck her, it fled and police are not sure at this time what direction it fled. That is why if you saw anything or have any kind of camera that footage could be helpful and police want to hear from you.

Sherman was a European Jew who fled communist Russia and started one of the first Russian speaking businesses in the area.  If the driver was not sure what they hit, and turns them self in quickly, police will work with them if they cooperate.