2020 Mummers Parade Comic and Wench Brigade Results Are In

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Philadelphia residents pay 100 percent of the taxes. That is depicted during the parade.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The 2020 mummers Parade is over, With almost perfect weather,  the results are coming in.  The real winners were the crowd that showed up. For the most part, they were well behaved. There were a few overdose and drunk persons  calls  that were handled by medics. Some of the early controversy is already starting.. Members of some comics held up signs that were critical of Mayor Kenney and District Attorney Larry Krasner. Another had  a “Wheel of Fortune” that showed developers and hipster home buyers getting tax abatements, while longtime Philadelphia residents pay 100 %. of the property tax.


Froggy Carr has been disqualified after one of their members was seen wearing blackface during the parade. Mayor James Kenney said the city could be exploring additional penalties. Knowing full well that they would be disqualified for wearing it,  the nagging question is why didn’t any of the other members see him in Blackface and report him?  How could he have snuck in without being noticed?


Wench Brigade Results

  1. Riverfront
  2. Oregon
  3. Saints
  4. O’Malley
  5. Americans
  6. Cara Liom
  7. Bryson
  8. Froggy Carr
  9. Pirates

Comic Division Results

  1. Murray
  2. Goodtimers
  3. Landi

1st place Captain – Dennis Pellegrino

1st place Comic Brigade – B. Love Strutters