Male Shot On Expressway In Bristol: Witnesses Wanted

Photo By Alan Dumoff Special To Delaware Valley

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Multiple state, county and local law enforcement descended on I-95 and I-295 during the early morning hours today, January 19, 2020 when a motorist saw a body laying in the middle of the road  on Route 295 near Ford Road in Bristol Twp. When police are fire crews arrived, the did find the body of 31 year old Joshua McRea of Trenton on the road. He was dead and had been shot multiple times. There were no other vehicles around .

Police are not sure if he was shot at another location and driven to where the body was found, or if  an argument happened inside a car he was traveling in and he was kicked out of the vehicle and shot on the highway. Because they are not sure where the crime took place, they have no motive and no suspects.  Fire Police were called to close the road and traffic was diverted away from the investigation. Anyone that has information on McRea’s whereabouts, prior to the shooting, they are urged to contact state police at (215) 942-3900.  The body was discovered about 2:30 AM,  The road was opened to traffic by 7:00 AM.

Some media outlets are reporting this incident was in Bensalem. It was not, the correct location is in Bristol Twp.