Scammers Try To Steal Money From State Toll Road Users

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley A sign over a toll bridge.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

As a major push to go cashless progresses along Pennsylvania’s toll roads,  another thing that progresses are scams that will try to separate you from your money.  The latest is a text message informing you that you owe money or maybe even a message on social media  telling you that you owe delinquent money to the state. . It is easy to take an image of the turnpike, and make a social media account . Then use that to send fake notices to people. The notices may include a link where the money should  be paid.

All of it is a scam, authorities say. The turnpike will never contact you except via direct US Mail; and that mail will have valid telephone numbers and the address of the turnpike or state agency. If you owe money for the turnpike or a bridge, you will never be contacted via text message  authorities said. Should you have any questions about the legitimacy of a letter, you are urged to contact the turnpike directly on a number found on their website.