Bristol Flea Market Update

By Alex Lloyd Gross

It is coming soon. That is the only news  regarding the opening of the Bristol Flea Market that for certain.. Coordinator Anthony Soprano released a statement this past week stating that the  building alarm system was from 2002.  It does not have to be replaced but it does need to be updated which is taking longer than he, or anyone else would like. Problems with the alarm  system have delayed the opening.

Customers and vendors are anxious and want to get into this new venture.  Mr. Soprano said , “They haven’t given me a time line just yet however there are two phases of the repair that need to be completed. The first phase is being performed now and will be completed by Tuesday, Jan 28th. On Wed, Jan 29th the second phase of the repair begins but they cannot tell me how long it will take to be finished until they start it.,”

With luck, it could happen in February, or at least, Mr.Soprano will be able to have a definitive time for this to open. It is going to open. In the meantime,  if you are in Philadelphia, February 8, 2020 he is hosting a vintage flea market at Penns Landing Caterers, 1301 Christopher Columbus Blvd. Between Washington & Reed Streets, right off I-95.