Distinctive Looking Woman Wanted For Theft

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Police in Lower Southampton would like to speak with the woman in the above photo. She entered into the ACME store and saw a cake on display that said :Happy 15th Birthday Tommy.  She took possession of that cake and then walked out without paying.  Police want to know who she is. Did your son or daughter recently attend a birthday party for Tommy, or do you know her directly?

Lower Southampton  Police would like to speak with you about this.She made her getaway in a black dodge and has black and purple hair.  Take a look at the photo and see her other outstanding features that will make her easy to spot. Police would like to hear from you at 215 357 1235. If you are the woman in the photo and maybe forgot to pay in all of the excitement in planning Tommy’s party,  you should call the police yourself and speak with them before someone else does it for you.