Police Seek Reckless Dirt Bike Driver

Bensalem Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police are looking to have a  serious conversation with the driver of this dirt bike.  He has been captured on video driving on roads  and private lawns in Bensalem specifically  in the Village Green area. police said he is  being careless and reckless, putting his own life and the lives of other motorists in peril.

Just under a year ago, a similar dirt bike was operated in a reckless manner and the passenger on that bike was killed. The driver sustained life altering injuries.  That accident happened on Brown Avenue and Tyler, in Bensalem. That is about two miles from where this rider was spotted.  The township takes a zero tolerance attitude on these bikes. They are not registered and not insured. If someone is injured due to their negligence, the family is left holding an empty bag.

In the video released by Bensalem Police, the driver is observed taunting people by taking a video of them. If you know who this rider or the bike owner is, call (215) 633-3719 , Police want to hear from you.