Regular Customer Steals Lottery Tickets from Morrisville Business

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is never a good idea to steal.  It’s stupid and the only thing dumber is stealing from a place that you frequent.  That, Morrisvile Police said is exactly what the man in the photo has done.  On February 29, 2020 at about 12:20 PM , he was in Smokin’ Joe’s which is located  at  119 East Bridge Street.  Police said the male allegedly reached behind the counter and took nine  scratch off lottery tickets valued at $5.00 each. The total theft is $45.00.

Lottery tickets are marked. The Lottery Commission knows what tickets go where.  Should someone win, identification is needed to claim the prize. If he gets someone else to claim the prize for him, that person will be identified and charged. If you know who this male is, you can contact Morrisville Police at  (215) 285-9111. Morrisville is in Bucks County Pa. right across the border from Trenton NJ. It is quite possible this male is a resident of NJ . He can cross the bridge back and forth with no toll.