Police In Some Areas Change Response Protocol Due To COVID-19

by Alex Lloyd Gross

With people whipping themselves into an panic over COVID-19  The Bucks County Police Chiefs Association has instituted contingencies for addressing manpower shortages among police departments should they arise as a result of efforts to quarantine individuals exposed to coronavirus.. Police will respond as normal to crimes in progress,  fights, etc but some departments are starting to limit officer contact with people for non emergency type calls.

Solebury Police will take your phone number and an officer will call you back and take a report over the phone. These reports include minor property damage,  fraud, ID theft and other calls that can be handled over the phone. Solebury police will still respond in person to crimes in progress, accidents or other emergencies.

Fire and EMS service will respond as normal.  If you are sick , stay home.  Most large events are cancelled with the Phillies, Union, Flyers and Sixers postponing games or seasons.  The majority of concerts are cancelled. The idea behind putting hand sanitizer is that the nest person should use it too. It is not a good idea to hoard it all or buy more than you need at one time.