Bensalem Special Election Will Happen, Injunction Failed


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bucks County Judge Jeffery Trauger stated he had “No authority” to stop  the special election scheduled to be held tomorrow March 17, 2020 in Bensalem .  The county went to court to get it shut down and postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Republican House speaker Mike Turzai refused to cancel or postpone the election.

Meanwhile, President Trump has came out against public gatherings of more than 10 people.  Still, Turzai refused to change the date. This turnout is expected to be very light. Registered voters in Bensalem number just under 40,000, according to the board of elections.  The election is for the remainder of the State Rep job vacated by Gene Digiralamo . Choices are Harold Hayes(d) and KC Tomlinson(r).  Neither candidate, through their representative would respond to repeated requests for comment on if they will challenge the validity of the election, due to the worldwide pandemic.

The county has in place multiple safeguards including latex gloves,  hand sanitizer and the ability for voters to use their own pen ( blue or black, ball point only). Still, it is believed that even with the precautions taken, many election workers will stay home as will voters. The person responsible for allowing this election to happen is Mike Turzai. His office was flooded with calls from anxious people begging him to change the date of this election.  He ignored them all. He is retiring at the end of this year. Many states with special elections are cancelling them or changing the dates.