Philadelphia Police Change Operational Tactics For Covid-10

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The Philadelphia Police Department announced that starting on March 17 2020 and continuing until the COVID-19 scare is over  they will change the way they deal with crimes and criminals. Of course,  violent criminals will be arrested. Other crimes will not result in an immediate arrest.

Crimes like shoplifting or minor drug possessions could see an offender released after positive ID is established. They will cut lose and  arrested at a later date. They may be given an opportunity to surrender.  If they cannot properly id themselves, a supervisor will be called and the person could be arrested. If the officer thinks the person is a threat to themselves or others they could be arrested.

The Live Stop program is now suspended until further notice.  Vehicles driven without proper insurance, or driver license will not be towed.

Parking tickets for meters or timed spaces will not be enforced. Tickets will be issued for blocking fire hydrants, or corners etc.

Some complaints will be handled via telephone.instead of dispatching an officer.

Plainclothes officers will be switched back out to uniform patrol.

Police are avoiding unnecessary contact with people. This includes shaking hands.

The  district attorney has laid out what he wants to see happen. It almost mirrors this