City Health Commissioner: You Cannot Get COVID-19 from Your Pets

Alex lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Dr. Thomas Farley

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia Health Commissioner knows what he is talking about when people ask about COVID-19.  He was asked about people who panic about  the pandemic by thinking their pets can transmit the disease. Don’t laugh. In China,  stupid, ignorant people were doing unthinkable things to their pets. In Australia, reports were coming in that people were taking animals to the SPCA equivalent.

Dr. Farley said that there is no reason or need to be doing this.  “No study has shown that you can get COVID-19 from a dog or cat, or any other animal, so you are safe”.  With people across the country forced to self quarantine, authorities  have actually said adopting a dog, cat or other animal could be great, especially for people that live alone.


Pet owners are asked to keep using  common sense with their pets. “Keep cats inside, leash your dog and do not allow strangers to pet them. by doing that, you are not practicing social distancing and it should you get sick, it will be due to the stranger coming in contact with you, not the dog. If you abandon your pet on the street, you will be arrested and tossed in jail, not  just fined.

So to be plain and simple, DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR PETS TO THE SHELTER OR ABANDON THEM ON THE STREET  BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID OF GETTING COVID-19.  That came from not only the City of Philadelphia Health Commissioner, but any doctor with a medical degree.