Coronavirus Challenger Licks Toilet Seat- Gets Coronavirus

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A 21 year old male who goes by the name “Larz” though he would be funny and posted a “Coronavirus challenge” where he licked a public toilet.  You cannot make this up. He did this for likes and shares on a social media platform that has since suspended his account.  Fact of the matter is, just a few days of accepting this challenge , he lost and is now in a California hospital with COVID-19.

People are young and stupid. Some will do anything for 15 seconds of fame. In Hanover Pennsylvania a woman is going to be arrested after deliberately coughing on $35,000 in produce at a local supermarket.  The market had no choice but to throw all of it away.

People across the country are bored and some are stupid. They will congregate with friends, have parties and ignore social distancing guidelines. In Lakewood NJ, Police have arrested two people with hosting events that drew crowds.  The same in Penns Gove NJ.

Just because you see and idiot licking food  or a toilet seat does not mean you have to do the same thing, or one up them, authorities said. “Larz” has boasted that he has gone to supermarkets and licked food before putting it back on the shelf. He resides in California.  He claimed to have made “lots of money” from his social media platforms, which have been taken down. Should he survive police  expect to charge him. Many people have criticized the choice of putting him in a hospital calling it a “waste of  a hospital bed”

The best coronavirus challenge is to stay inside, clean the house or apartment , educate yourself and not go outside. Survival rate for that challenge is 100 percent.