As SEPTA Rides Are Free, Pre Paid Key Card Holders Get Refunds

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley SEPTA riders enter and exit through rear doors.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

As the nation works through the COVID-19 crisis,  a bit of silver lining is that all SEPTA bus rides are free.  This is done to protect the driver.  All passengers enter and exit through the back door. No fare is required. Customers that need special help or are disabled and use the front door.  Buses  are traveling with no more than about 15 riders and they all sit in the rear portion of the bus,

People that have the Key Cards which are pre- laded with money  are not out of luck. According to SEPTA spokesman John Golden, “Customers with unused pass products on Key Cards should contact the Key Call Center (1-855-567-3782) to obtain a credit.  This applies for any sales channel used for loading a pass product to the Key Card..”

This helps put peoples minds at ease, as they see  others getting for free what they paid for.  SEPTA is providing free rides to help keep drivers away from people. This will help stop the spread of COVID-19.