White House Not Happy Different States Have Different Timelines On Re Opening:

Alex Lloyd Gross

by Alex Lloyd Gross

People wonder if politicians have their heads screwed on too tight or too lose. It’s not even been a full week n Pennsylvania with numbers of COVID-19 cases starting to  level off and Speaker of the House Mike Turzai (r) has rammed through a bill that many say will endanger workers and the public alike.  The bill would supersede the governor’s orders to close certain businesses. He wants car dealerships and other big ticket places to start to reopen. This is the same Mike Turzai that showed complete indifference to hourly workers by not putting forth a minimum wage increase already agreed to by the senate.  He is quitting his job at years end. This is a waste of time as it is doubtful the governor will sign it.

In Florida, Governor Rick Desantis has given the approval for live crowds to attend wresting shows. This, critics argue would endanger arena workers, and fans alike. You could be sitting next to , or in the same row as a coronavirus patient and not know it.  People opposed to this reopening have taken to social media and asked how much money was funneled through back channels in Florida to allow this to happen. Many feel it is too soon. You can go to a wresting match but cannot go sit on a beach all by yourself in Florida. In fact, you can go to a wrestling match but cannot go to a second home in the Keys.

In Michigan, “That Michigan Woman Governor” as President Trump calls her, Gretchen Whitmer has really upset her home state by not allowing big box stores to sell non essential items like seeds that grow plants. In her state, massive protests are planned over what many, even fellow democrats are calling draconian practices. Planting things or painting a house is a way for people to cope with being  quarantined.

People that live in states where travel to vacation homes are restricted, have been  sending their luggage ahead of them in the hopes of getting by checkpoints.,  When police look inside vehicles, they do not see any suitcases.. In Delaware,  police have been set up by liqueur stores making sure out of state  shoppers do not buy anything..

In the meantime, President Trump has came out and said he will be deciding when states can open and what they can open. Many governors came out against him. Trump then said any objections were tantamount to an insurrection. “A good old fashioned mutiny every now and then is an exciting and invigorating thing to watch , especially  when the mutineers need so much from the captain.” Trump Tweeted.