Police: 14 year Old Tries To Buy Drugs, Gets Kidnapped Instead

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A 14 year old boy found some people online via social media, and he wanted to buy drugs from them.  After he finalized the details, three males from Lansdale met him at the designated time and place. After a brief introduction, the boy got into their vehicle . He told the three males that he did not have any money on him and would have to return to his house in order for the dealers to get paid.


That is when the suspects started to drive reckless through streets, while telling the boy “You’re going to die if you mess with me” and other threats to his life. Petrified, the boy tried to escape from the speeding vehicle, which he did, by forcing open a car door and bailing out as the car was still in motion.  The suspects chased after him in the car. Police were called and found the victim along Skyline Drive.  He gave cops a description of the vehicle which was found a short while later. The three occupants that were in the car were all arrested for kidnapping and aggravated assault. They were identified as Arif Chowdhury, M/23; Mehdi Hasan Mollah, M/24; and, Fardin Sadib, M/21, all of Lansdale, PA . They were held on $100.000 bail and sent to Bucks County Prison. The incident happened on April 6 2020.