Many People Have had Enough of the Quarantine

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley A couple walks past the closed gate while people fish in the background

by Alex Lloyd Gross

You can still get sick from coronavirus. In fact, many people are still coming down with symptoms. That being said, a good number of people across the country are tired of staying in and they are  going out and doing things in record numbers. Some defy the law.  They are spurned on by reports from places like Florida, where beaches have been reopened in the northern end of the state.

Protests have sprung up. across the nation and people are have strong opinions on both sides of the issue.  Yesterday,  April 18, 2020,  a few people were  given citations  when they took to the streets in Trenton. New Jersey has some of the highest numbers of  infected people in the country. Governor Murphy has refused to budge an inch in opening the state back up. “It’s not time yet.  To do so would be irresponsible and we need responsible government right now,” he said.

Tomorrow, Monday April 21, 2020, there is a protest scheduled  in Harrisburg to get Governor Tom Wolf to change his mind and reopen part of the state.  “I welcome protesters, this is a democracy,” he is quoted as saying.  Some people could not care less about his orders of shut down and go out.  On Sunday, April 19, 2020, the County Park and boat launch  was closed at Station Ave.  but that did not stop people from parking and walking around the locked barrier, for a day of fishing.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley People practice social distancing while fishing

In the time these people were observed from a distance, they were practicing social distancing and not interacting with each other.. Township parks in Bensalem and other areas have already been reopened, for walking and jogging only. High touch activities like swings and jungle gyms are still off limits. So is any kind of sporting activity.. A father /son catch is not going to get the attention of authorities but several people playing ball could.

Some people are trying to politicize this as Donald Trump came out for opening the country. Many protesters  that take to the streets carry Trump signs. That is misleading.  Many Trump supporters do not agree that it is time to reopen the country.  The same could be said for democrats. In fact, Michigan has taken essential business to another level by not allowing stores like Wal-Mart to sell garden supplies which includes seeds.  A trip to a Wal-Mart in Bucks County found their lawn and garden section closed, but pallets of lawn care goods could be purchased from the parking lot.

In Michigan, someone snapped a photo of a vehicle with a Trump flag flying from it,  that was in front of Farrow Hospital. Many took to social media to blast Trump supporters for blocking the entrance. That was Fake News,. The vehicle just happened to be passing the driveway as the photo was taken. It did not stop . “We had no protesters blocking the hospital entrance,” said John Foren,  spokesperson for the hospital.

With nice weather coming, it will be harder for people to sit home and do nothing, or play catch. Staying inside is easier when it’s 29 degrees and rainy. 85 and sunny is harder to get people to comply. In March, remember all of the kids that partied in Florida for Spring Break. Some of them  had no care in the world. They went back home and contaminated their households