Update: Bensalem Gas Station Now Accepts Cash After AG Rebuke

Submitted photo The sign has been removed. The store accepts cash

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Few things are more distressing than going into a business deemed essential and being denied service due to your economic profile.  That is exactly what happened in March when we wrote this story.It went viral and several people complained to the Attorney General about this policy.

One reader got a response back from the Attorney General’s office that they shared. Via an email, Harjeep Sandhu the owner of the shop wrote ” We understand the current Pennsylvania law regarding retail establishments accepting cash as a means of payment for products and services. We have and continue to abide by this law”. The gas station is a Conoco branded station located at the intersection of Knights and Dunksferry Roads.

According to Sandhu, the clerk was reacting under “high anxiety” .  Should this be the case, the clerk was wrong and broke the law. he even put up an illegal sign restricting the use of cash. He put his employer in jeopardy of receiving high fines.


Earlier this week,  a visit was paid to the Conoco station.  A small purchase of $5.00 in gas was made with cash. There were no issues and the illegal and offensive sign restricting the use of cash was removed.  As we previously reported, this station sits close to several apartment complexes that are home to low income residents who may not have credit cards. They deal in cash only and are under banked. Not accepting cash  discriminates against them, that is why the practice of not accepting cash is illegal.

If you suspect price gouging or other discrimination regarding COVID-19 in Pa,  you are asked to send an email to :  pr**********@at*************.gov