Hundreds Show Up For Food Giveaway In Bristol

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Volunteers fill boxes with food.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The cars kept coming into the parking lot of the Bucks County Community College on 413 in Bristol Twp.  The school was closed but  the parking lot was used for a giant food pantry. It ran two hours and went from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM. Organizers said that they had enough to feed 500 families. Cars lined up and people were hungry. Food stamps only go so far and unemployment only goes so far. This is a Godsend for people that need it.

The event sponsored by Philabundance takes place in the rear of the parking lot. Plenty of room for cars to snake around the lot.  Like all food banks, this is first come first served. When the food is gone, it is gone.  The give away takes about two hours. Hours before the event starts, volunteers including members of the  Civil Air Patrol , and elected officials pack boxes with eggs, milk , and other meals that do not require special handling. It is enough food for a week or at least several  days, depending on the size of your household. No one that is involved in giving out, or packaging this food gets paid.

Due to social distancing concerns, no one gets out of their vehicle. The boxes are all loaded into the trunks of cars or a passenger seat.  This food bank is one of the larger ones in Bucks County. It will run next Friday at the same place and time. It is open to all residents of Bucks County but no proof of residency is required.


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2 thoughts on “Hundreds Show Up For Food Giveaway In Bristol

  1. Thanks for covering this, Lloyd. It’s helping a lot of folks who need it right now.

    Fresh Connect is actually part of a consortium of five organizations working together to feed the hungry in Bucks County. Other partners include Bucks County Opportunity Council, Rolling Harvest Food Rescue, St Mary Medical Center and United Way of Bucks County, which funds the project. Philabundance generously supplies the largest portion of the produce that is distributed.

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