Free Pet Food To Be Given Away Saturday

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware valley Zack, a specially trained rescue dog is guarding the food.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

If  a dog or cat owns you, you can show up today April 25 2020 , at Canine Academy which is located on the 300 block of Lincoln Highway in Penndel for some free food for them.  There are bags of food for kittens, large dogs, cats and every size dog you can imagine.  This event is organized by 14 year old Emily Rilland and her mother Colleen.  Carole Davis, also helped organize and coordinate the entire event.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley The organizers pose with some of the food that will be given out.

“People donated money or food to us and we were able to get food. Pets Plus in Langhorne helped us stretch our dollars, so we have a lot of food”. Colleen Rillind said. If Emily sounds familiar to you, so should, she helped organize a program so that fire companies in Bucks,  and now Montgomery County and New Jersey can get oxygen masks for pets.  She donates the masks to the fire companies.

She saw on the news all o9f the donations for people food and there was not anything for pet food. She came up with the idea to help out animals, her mother said. The Canine Academy let them store the food there and use their location while the food drive was going on.  It runs until about 2:00 PM  . If they have enough supplies, they may put together another one in the future. You do not get out of your car.  You hold up a sign that says how many cats or dogs you have and they bring the food to you.