Fake Cop Questions Homeowners In Bucks County Township

Warminster Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A fake police officer has been caught on video knocking on doors in Warminster Township.  The scary part is that on video, two co conspirators  can be seen . One is crouching behind bushes. Another was observed in the street. Their intent unknown, but possibly to help ambush or sneak into a house with the owner distracted.

The incidents happened yesterday, April 26, 2020 about 9:45 PM on the 700 block of Cedar Avenue.  The fake cop looked to be a teenager who was looking around and making notes on a pad. This fake cop was asking people about break ins in the neighborhood.  He did not have a duty belt or gun on him, police said.

Anyone with information as to the identity of any of these suspects is asked to contact the Warminster Township Police Department at (215) 672-1000 or call 9-1-1. Residents are urged to call 9-1-1 to report all suspicious activity. Callers may also submit a tip via the Crime Watch Submit a Tip button at the bottom of the page. Callers/Tipsters may remain anonymous.

You can see a video of this here