Food Drive In Croydon Hopes To Continue

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Food is collected by Craig Bowen church staff.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

With most people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,  Food banks like this one have sprung up all across the nation.  Food is donated by stores or other businesses and given out for free to people that need it.  At the St. Thomas Aquinas Church on Bristol Pike, in the Croydon section of Bristol Twp, they have a different idea and it seems to be working.

People are free to drop off extra food they may have. That food is collected and put into trucks, which will transport it to Mary’s Cubbard and  Saint Michael the Archangel in nearby Levittown. There, the food will be given away.  Sunday, May 3 2020 was the first day for the food drive. It takes place in the rear parking lot. It was slow but steady.  Some people gave money and some gave food.

Others were in need and were welcomed to a bag of food.  “We hope to come back here soon and help out again,” said Bristol Township Council President Craig Bowen, who was on hand to help load the food into pick up trucks. “”It’s out first time doing this and it’s a good way for the community to help out.”, he said.  They got the word out via social media. As more people become aware of it, the busier this food drive will become.