$10,000 Worth Of Pipe Stolen From Bensalem Plumbing Supply Shop

Bensalem Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is hard enough to make a living with the coronavirus causing a lot of businesses  to be closed. People are out of work or have had their hours reduced. That means they do not have money to spend on projects. It’s one of the reasons Bensalem Police want to find who is responsible for stealing 100 pieces of 5 inch cast iron pipe from the Benz Plumbing Supply shop which is on the 500 block of State Road.

This is right over the border from Philadelphia, so it is a good chance that one ( or both) of the two males captured on video are from the city. That is why it is important to share this on social media, so your friends  and acquaintances can see it.  One has a dark colored pick-up truck. The other a white SUV. It might be a Renegade or a Patriot.

If you have any information on these males or recognize the vehicles, you are urged to call Bensalem Police at (215) 633-3719.      Here is the video The theft happened on May 3 2020 at about 6:00PM