Male Assaults Store Employee Over Mask Issue and Gets Arrested

Elijah Brown

by Alex Loyd Gross

Elijah Brown was shopping in Perkasie Borough Bucks County last week, on May 8 , when he went into a business on West Walnut Street. As he entered the shop, he chose to disregard  posted signs requiring customers to wear a mask.  When the clerk told him he needed to wear a mask,  Brown turned into a tough guy and beat up the clerk. he then ran away on foot.

Police on patrol saw him and  Brown started to run away. He was caught and arrested. During the arrest, the is alleged to have assaulted a police officer by using his knee.  Brown was positively identified as the person that assaulted the clerk, police said. He is charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest harassment and tress passing. He was tossed in jail by judge Jean Seaman on $30.00 bail.