Black Lives Matter Protest in Bensalem

Alex lloyd Gross -photo- Delaware Valley Kaitlyn Ramola, Travis Simmons, Riley Kahlert and Jim Wister hold up signs in Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Four young adults, from the lower Bucks County area gathered at the intersection of Hulmeville & Byberry Roads June 2, 2020 to demonstrate for George Floyd and against police brutality.  They were standing on the corner holding signs.  The way a protest should be done.  They were smart enough to know that if you block traffic,  you anger people, even those that support your cause.

They were out at that intersection for a few hours.  During the half hour they were observed,   about a quarter of the motorists honked their horns in support.  Police did not say anything to the protesters and left them alone.  “We want no part of looting or any of that stuff,” said Jim Wister, one of the protesters.  Those people are not representative of what these people wanted or their agenda.