Frankford Male Charged By Attorney General For Selling Explosives

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware valley File photo Attorney General Josh Shapiro

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Talib Crump ,26, of Lieper Street in Frankford boasted to undercover officers that he could aid them in blowing up ATM machines by selling them explosives.  Police said that Crump had advertised this on his Instagram account. He even went to far as to teach the officer how to put the dynamite in a machine to blow it apart.  Crump is alleged to have told the officer that he got $8500.00 from one machine the previous night.

This follows a night where at least one looter was killed by blowing up an ATM machine.  During a press conference,  authorities said that most ATM machines are empty. Blowing them up is not going to get you money, as if the machine is full, the cash is secured in a different [part of the machine. . ATM machines have been an important staple in the community, offering a quick access to cash for people that are under banked or need to get a few extra dollars for a purchase.  Fees charged by ATM machines also help local merchants.

Crump is being charged with one count of possession of weapons of mass destruction, one count of risking a catastrophe, one count of criminal use of a communication facility, and related charges. During the negotiations of sale for the explosives, Crump is alleged to have left a voicemail to the undercover officer stating that dynamite was the most effective way to blow up  an ATM machine and steal it’s contents.