Region Hits Yellow Phase, Restaurants Scramble To Stay In Business

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley Outdoor dining at a diner on Route 13 in Croydon.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

No longer are restaurants in Bucks County restricted to take out and delivery. outdoor dining is now allowed.  Businesses that serve food are doing al they can to stay afloat in the wake of the coronavirus.. While the number of confirmed cases in Bucks has declined,  from the peak, People are still getting sick. That transfer of the virus is not not community contact, it is between people in assisted living facilities, for the most part, authorities say.

As retail stores open, social distancing is enforced as well as the wearing of face masks.. To be clear,  the wearing of face masks is a recommendation.  It is not a law.  Few businesses are going to turn away a customer without a mask. In spite of what a sign on the door may say.

Across the region, restaurants are cordoning off a portion of their parking lots and putting tables and chairs out, along with umbrellas. Outdoor dining is here. Some places are having waitstaff service, while others do not. All of these restaurants that have engaged in outdoor dining are required to sanitize the tables and chairs after every use.  The last thing a business wants to do is  have someone post a video of customers  using the tables without them being cleaned and disinfected.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Diners eat outside in Bristol Borough.

It seems to work,  but there is a sacrifice. For starters, the place must surrender some parking spaces.  Outdoor dining is not going to work in severe weather . High winds or rain is not conducive to having customers stay outside and eat. Nether is excessive heat.  There have been no reports of any restaurant opening the inside seating up in defiance of orders from the governor.  Outdoor dining is not allowed in the city of Philadelphia.