State Rep. Tina Davis District Office Now Reopened

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross Delaware Valley Bryan Allen opens the door to Davis’ District Office.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

As Pennsylvania goes into the yellow phase,  people are starting  to reopen businesses and offices in the area.  Constituents still need the services of their elected officials. For much of the spring most people who worked in district offices  worked remotely.  On an as needed basis, for true emergencies,  there may have been an in person meeting with staff to sign papers.  This was all due to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Tina Davis who represents the Levittown area announced that her office on the 4500 block of New Falls Road has reopened for in person customer service.  During the first day back, Chief of Staff Bryan Allen was at his desk ready to help people. “We ask that if you do come, please try to call first so we can schedule an appointment. This helps with social distancing,” he said. If you do not call, you won’t be turned away but you may have to wait your turn. Her number is (267) 580-2660.  For your rep or state senator, call their district office to find out if they are open or what their policy is. Masks or face coverings are going to be required.