Newtown Police Arrest Woman Who Mislead Them About Her Identity

Danielle Brierley

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Danielle Brierley had been to the Green Parrot in Newtown, back in January of this year.  The problem was  when police got there, she was sitting in the lobby at 3:43 AM, and told them she was waiting for an Uber.  Police said she had too much to drink. Her friends had left her when she went to use the restroom. Since she had no identification on her, police asked her who she was.

According to police reports, .Brierley gave them “10 different combinations of her name . Police finally  were able to confirm who was was and a summons was issued for her arrest. Police said that  Brierley also tried to leave the establishment many times before being released.  It is unknown how good of a search of the bathrooms the staff at the Green Parrot did upon closing,  to have a patron in the building while it was locked.  She set of  an alarm when she exited the restroom. She was released on unsecured bail of $1000.00  Police arrested her in late June, on the summons. She is charged with false identification to law enforcement, public drunkeness and disorderly conduct.