State Rep’s Office Vandalized In Bucks County

Pa Rep Wendy Ullman

by Alex Lloyd Gross

“Profane and threatening”  messages were written on the wall of PA State Rep Wendy Ullman in Plumstead Twp. Pa. This is near Doylestown, as a reference point for people that might not be familiar with the area.  The building that houses her district office sits on Route 611 and the graffiti was able to be seen clearly from the road. The spray painted message makes reference to Black Lives Matter.  More graffiti made disparaging remarks about police.

Police are looking for security  camera footage can can help them identify the responsible person.


“This is hate speech. Whether it targets the Black Lives Matter Movement, or the police, is immaterial. This conduct is disgraceful, inciteful, and criminal,” said District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub. “Hopefully, we will catch this vandal, and then we will prosecute the guilty party to the fullest extent of the law.”