Armed Civilians Protect Statue In Morrisville

Alex Lloyd Gross photo-Delaware Valley Chris, a heavily armed man is on the grounds of the statue. A Blue Line Flag can be seen in the distance,.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A Black Lives Matter rally was going to happen in Morrisville, yesterday, July 11 2020. Organizers promised it would be peaceful.  It was.  That did not sway about 50 to 70 civilians from standing about two block from where the protesters were gathered . These people were stood around the Robert Morris Statue to make certain that nothing would happen to it. Nothing did. Some of these people were armed.

At the BLM rally, organizers told people to be prepared to see armed people and people that did not share their views. They also publicly stated that going near the statue was not on their agenda for the day.  In light of recent events, that did not stop the second group from showing up at the statue just to make sure.  The statue was cordoned off with police tape and two Morrisville Police Officers were detailed to the statue. Robert Morris is considered the founder of Morrisville.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The Robert Morris Statue

Pennsylvania is an open carry state.  You can carry an exposed pistol anywhere except Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Long guns, like semi automatic rifles are legal to be carried anywhere in the state. It is the second amendment. That amendment was exercised as several people stood  by and basically did nothing. They listened to classic rock on a radio, they patronized a local business and did not entice or antagonize anyone who walked by. They were there as a presence. A threat of desecration of the statue was started by an internet rumor.

On May 30, 2020, a peaceful rally was supposed to take place in Philly. It did.  But several thousand lawbreakers vandalized buildings and turned their attention to statues, especially in the weeks after. No statue was safe. The protesters are uneducated and will tear down statues of people that fought to abolish slavery.. Christopher Columbus statues across the nation have been removed because of a small but vocal minority. “It’s funny, these clowns will tear down statues  and complain but they have no problem spending money with the same people’s face on it,” said a man who called himself Andrew , who was at this rally.


The tearing down of statues had progressed to this vocal minority calling  to have Mount Rushmore destroyed.. The group at the statue wore the American Flag and the Blue Line Flag. For those that do not know, this is a black and white rendition of the American Flag but it has one blue stripe. This is to remember fallen police officers. There is also a Red Line Flag for firefighters.  Some people are offended by both flags and also the American Flag. They claim it promotes oppression.

The group by the statue would be called American Patriots by some. Others would call them overzealous gun nuts. Either way, they were there, not bothering anyone and not oppressing anyone who wanted to join them or simply walk by.

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17 thoughts on “Armed Civilians Protect Statue In Morrisville

    1. There were two police cars there to protect the statue from vandalism that has occurred across the country. Are they part of the “sad vigilantes”?
      If you read the article, you’ll notice that the armed defenders just stood around and watched. The truly sad ones are those who seek to glorify the career criminal Floyd.

  1. I think its great concerned citizens showed to support the police the town n statue. Thanks to each and every one of you. You rock.

  2. Great story, thank you! I would like to make one correction. There was no rumor about the statue being vandalized. As mentioned in the article there was concern because of recent events around the country and because of the violence and destruction that has followed so called peaceful demonstrations, the gathering at the statue was precautionary and organized primarily by people who volunteer and garden around town. That was explained to the organizers of the event at Williamson Park who called concerned residents: liars and racists, in effect they spread the rumor themselves.
    There was also concern because the event at Williamson Park was
    seemingly organized in a chaotic, haphazard way without permits or
    waivers. The MPD took necessary precautions as did the Borough Manager and all seemed well but still today BLM supporters are attacking residents and saying hateful things because some residents expressed concern and exercised their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights just like they did. Thanks again!

  3. Quick question, if someone did show up to vandalize that statue, what were the armed civilians prepared to do? Since vandalism is usually a misdemeanor and even though the Second Amendment allows them to carry their weapons it doesn’t allow them to use them in anyway in public, especially not against another citizen. That’s what the police are for.

    1. Sometimes intimidation is necessary to keep humans in line. If a protester ended up getting physical with a person trying to protect the statute, who was also holding a gun, well they obviously understand they might face some life altering circumstances.

  4. Replacing a stripe on the US Flag with a different color strip is a desecration and a violation of the flag code. It is an insult to veterans and service members who fought and died for the US Flag. Stick to the original thin blue line flag.

  5. What a crap article about the guns that were for nothing but intimidation of violence instead of the peaceful protest for positive changes. Bad eggs in both groups do stupid things but this is clearly written by someone against the protesters and all for protecting objects instead of people.

    1. Intimidation? Yes. Violence? Typical liberal reaction to something they don’t agree with. ‪Trump Derangement Syndrome‬ is a disease lol

  6. I support the right of freedom in the minds of marchers, and I also support the rights of gunmen to protect sculptures. Because everyone believes in freedom. But I do not support the destruction of the will and life of other people’s will and belief by parade, nor do I support the deprivation of the life and rights and interests of others’ will and faith by gunmen.

  7. I just want to state for the record that my previous comment was not made by me. There is a very ” confused” individual in town that has been using my email address to post on various websites and signing me up for a ridiculous amount of spam newsletters and websites. I was one of the people at the statue, so the previous comment makes no sense.
    I am filing a police report to hopefully bring an end to this harassment.

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