Bensalem Police Need Your Help To Catch Burglar

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Two burglaries in Bensalem, Bucks County took place during the early morning hours of July 21, 2020. They were caught on  video and even though  the burglar was wearing a hoodie, he can be identified.


The first took place at 3:50 AM at the Dunkin Donuts on the 3400 block of Street Road.  You can see he ran to get into his white KIA, possibly a Niro and sped off.

The next video was at the Wells Fargo, on the 1200 block of Bristol Pike.  Here you can see the thief brandish a crow bar and grain entry. He was looking to get into the safe but was not successful. You can see him for a few seconds here. If you know who he is you can call (215) 633-3719  to turn him  in.