Letter To Editor About Speed Cameras

Now we have speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, rather than implementing some common sense things. Simple things like 85th percentile speed limits and making the yellow lights longer are good ideas. Decent length all-red intervals help. Sensors can also control the traffic lights, to prevent collisions and keep better flow. When crashes occur, we must look at why in each case. Simple engineering tweaks can be used. Major roadway changes can also be done, but are more long-term.

Instead of looking at real fixes, the decision was made to pursue red-light cameras and speed cameras. The goal is to raise revenue, so fixing problems would not be effective to do that. Not being content with these, the city is looking at getting even more types of ticket cameras. Where does it end?

Where proper engineering is used, compliance is high. Cops can then use discretion and cite the egregious violators.

Things like Vision Zero and automated traffic enforcement have failed in Philadelphia, other parts of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. It is time to get rid of all of it, not double down. If I can find info on all of this, surely others can. I just saw an erroneous speed camera ticket issued in Italy that claimed a small car did 436 mph! Errors like this do happen, but nobody caught it either? Great technology to use! No meaningful way to appeal a ticket either.

Contact the governor, your state representative, and your state senator, and tell them to repeal automated enforcement. Your wallet depends upon it!

James Sikorski Jr.

PA Advocate National Motorists Association