Two Women Steal MAGA Hat From Child, Arrested For Robbery

Olivia Winslow, Camryn Amy mugshots

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The race for President has two major candidates and a few few third party candidates. Some people are intolerant of any one else that does not share their views. Such is the case in Wilmington Delaware, where part of the Democratic National Convention was held.

21 year old Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow were on the convention grounds when they came across a seven year old boy and his family who were legally protesting. The two saw them and started to rip up their signs. That is when one of them saw the seven year old’s MAGA hat on the ground near him. She picked it up and walked off with it.

The entire incident was caught on video. You can see it below.  The hat was not abandoned. The women were made aware that the hat belonged to a child and  still, they walked away with it.  The child’s mother implored Amy and Winslow to return the hat.  They refused and walked off with it. They were followed and when a male tried to intervene, he was punched in the face by Amy..  He sustained a cut on the lip. he was not hospitalized.


One of the two women is also accused of stepping on the seven year old boy’s hand.  Eventually, the hat gets tossed over a fence and Winslow and Amy try to fight the mother who was with  her seven year old son.

Both face felony robbery and child endangerment  charges and were held at the Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution in lieu of $45,000 secured bond.

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6 thoughts on “Two Women Steal MAGA Hat From Child, Arrested For Robbery

  1. Guess they should have been brought up better by respecting others and their property. Hope they get a record that will no be expunged and follows them around for many years.

  2. This is so typical of “Democrats” today, Leftists, Thugs, Bolsheviks.

    In 2016 they attacked people outside and inside candidate Trump venues.

    They hit Trump supporters, threw eggs at them and keyed their cars.

    They demonstrated in heavily travelled streets causing havoc and resulting in delay of Ambulances reaching their destination.

    San Jose and Chicago were two memorable locations the above behavior on the part of many was demonstrated.

    There were few incidences of behavior of that kind at all by the Tea Party protestors or Trump supporters.

    And yet an April 7, 2009 an unclassified Department of Homeland Security Assessment titled “ (U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political
    Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” wrote that Conservatives and former military member may pose a threat.

    They got the “Wings” mixed up.

    Recently, a Goodyear Co. company policy image was publicly released outlining the acceptance of employees expressing Black Lives Matter Support, but disallowing employees expressing support for President Trump in so far as wearing Make America Great Again items.

    Who has demonstrated by their actions over the last several years to be a bigger threat to other citizens?

    It has by far been the left, as much as they and their acolytes would like to gaslighting you in to believing otherwise.

  3. I have four words for both these ingrates: NO MERCY FOR YOU! The toilet plunger treatment given to Linda Blair in “Born Innocent” is far to merciful for these two degenerates. And their parents probable think that they are “two of the nicest girls”. Let Camryn come to place to hit me! I served 6 years in the Army and am now a female vet. I will meet Camryn at my door any time and once I am through with her she will regret ever looking for me. Bring it on miss tough girl Camryn! I will be waiting and you will deserve whatever you get. Picking on a 7 year old is despicable!

  4. Bring it on tough girl Camryn! I will show NO MERCY! As a 6 year Female Army Vet I find her cowardice despicable. Her ingrate parents undoubtedly think she is a little angel. She has and never will have anything of value to give society. I hope and pray that she gets the maximum sentence and that her fellow inmates treat her the way she deserves.

    1. I apologize to Camryns family for the “ingrate parents” remark. They are not to blame for her sick behavior and suffering enough for it. I dont want to make it worse. My remarks about Olivia and Camryn stand. No mercy from the court, harshest sentence possible. Make an example of them. This violence against people with differing opinions has to stop! After watching the videos last night of what these women did I had to vent… I was livid. My rants are NOT NEARLY as over the top as some of the others I have read on different websites with people calling for them to be brutally injured. These two have thoroughly angered and enraged people all over this nation and this is the result. Once again I do apologize to her family for my remarks about her parents, they should never have been made.

  5. As a female Vet I find Camryn’s cowardice despicable. She has proven that she will never have anything of value to offer humanity. I pray that she gets the maximum sentence and that her entire incarceration is spent getting her derrier jacked around her shoulders by her fellow inmates who will not take kindly to her bullying a mother with her defenseless small child. Call her what she is: an ingrate, an abomination, and filth that will forever be unworthy to live in civil society.

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