$10,000 Reward For Info On Vandals That Defaced Police Mural

by Alex Lloyd Gross

This past weekend, an unknown person(s)  defaced the mural dedicated to the legacy of Philadelphia Police Sgt. Robert Wilson.  This mural was defaced by spray painting the  initials ACAB.  During the Black Lives Matter Riots in Philadelphia, those initials and the numbers 12 were put on many buildings.  The rioters thought believe that the initials stand  for All Cops Are Bastards.  Back the Blue supporters on social media have come up with their own interpretations, which include All Cops Are Brave and All Criminals Are Bad.  The number 12 they believe is used as a code for police. No where in this area is that number used to refer to  law enforcement.

Today, August 31, 2020, Fraternal Order of Police  President John McNesby was told city crews will  to go to 60th Street and Baltimore Ave, to clean the graffiti from the mural. The FOP have also offered a $10,000 cash reward for anyone that has any info that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible , for the defacing of the mural.


Sgt. Wilson walked in on an armed robbery in progress at a Game Stop, and drew the gunmen away from the employees, as he was shot.