19 Years After 9/11 You Don’t Recognize The USA

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo The World Trade Center after 9/11

by Alex Lloyd Gross

On September 12, 2001,  Americans were in shock after what happened the day before. We were attacked.  As  the populace watched on 24/7television, we saw an outpouring of support for firefighters and police.. Many thought they should get raises, you cannot pay those people enough.

As the investigation unfolded,  the country learned that the security was lacking.  Minimum wage workers were tasked with securing airports and stadiums. Some of these people had little training. Now, they are still paid horribly but tasked with doing the same thing.  The equipment is better. The faces change. However, the days of going to a major event without going through a metal detector are over.

On September 12 , we were all patriots. stores sold out of American Flags. Racism was put on the back burner.  Everyone was horrified, filled with hate towards those that did this, and filled with patriotism.  Firefighters and police were heroes.

September 11, 2020,  is 19 years since that fateful day. Racism is in the forefront. Americans hate America.  The National Anthem is racist and the flag we so proudly flew just a few years ago is offensive to some.  Overpaid crybabies  who play professional sports  suddenly start coming out against the flag and the anthem. They have convinced a few that the cause is righteous. Instead of using their fame to march on Washington DC, they take a knee and now professional sports leagues are putting criminals names on uniforms of players, while calling for justice.

Locally, a small group of untrained, uneducated  out of town protesters had stymied the city from clearing homeless encampments that endanger tax paying citizens. Mayor Kenney said he wants to do this “a different way”, as opposed to using police. Meanwhile,  fights and drug use is rampant at these locations where people carry weapons and threaten law abiding citizens.  That area, is a cop free zone. In 2001 police were welcomed.  Today, those same police  are threatened and calls for defending and disbanding the police are .being touted.  Not just in Philadelphia. Across the nation, fire trucks are pelted with rocks , police are attacked.

Sept 11 2001 was a horrible day. Who knew that the same people that ran into the buildings to save people would be cursed out 19 years later?