Small Neighborhood Trump/Back the Blue Rally Held at City Limits

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Supporters show .

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A small but vocal rally was held today, September 12, 2020 to support first responders and Donald Trump.  The chosen site was Frankford Ave. and Knights Road. Just before noon, people started together with signs and flags.They wanted to spark interest in their candidate and show support for first responders. By 12:30- PM about 200 people had arrived.


This event was slated to run for about two hours.  People come and go according to their schedules.. “This started on social media, it’s the second one we have had,” said Pete Digiannantono, the organizer. He promised that his group is not about blocking traffic or .marching down the street. “All we do is stay on the sidewalk and wave flags, it went over well last week at Grant and Academy Rds,” he said. The crowd got a decent response from the motoring public.with plenty of  horn hocking and waving.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley A lone Biden supporter argues with Trump supporters.

Not everyone is a Trump supporter. a few people will curse them or give them the finger. The group pays them no mind. Today, a lone supporter for Joe Biden showed up with a battery powered bullhorn. He was not going to win over any Trump supporters so he tried to direct his comments to the motoring public. A few Trump supporters tried to shoo him away but others advocated for him to stay. The man who refused to give his name kept to the outer edges of the protest.

The weather cooperated. It was a nice day. Future rallies  could be held at different locations in Philadelphia, as the election comes closer. When asked about the recent accusations leveled at Trump, specifically dealing with the Bob Woodward tape, Digiannantoniono asked “Was that on video, I don’t believe anything unless it’s on video, you can fake anything in the studio”. When asked about if he believed Trump called service people “losers and suckers”, he replied “It’s fake , democrats have been trying to do this crap for four years and they got nothing,”  Peter was a delegate for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley Supporters wave flags at the rally.

He calls it a “disgrace” to see how first responders are being treated by some people.



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4 thoughts on “Small Neighborhood Trump/Back the Blue Rally Held at City Limits

  1. The Biden supporter is courageous and correct. It is the responsibility of people to stand up against this fascist regime. It is specifically Trump’s fault that we are stuck in this covid-19 nightmare. If we had paid people to stay home for three or four weeks at the beginning in March, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I blame Trump personally for the deaths of 190,000 people.

    Furthermore, Trump’s dangerous rollbacks and defunding of the Obama-era Environmental legislations are cronyism at its worst.

    Thirdly the attacks on immigrants and the horrendous conditions that human beings have been warehoused in are nazi-like behavior. Our country is shamed by the heartless legislations passed since the inauguration.

    1. Stop being a sheep for the media who lies, Trump is not responsible for States the Governors are for public safety and health do you not know that? Trump didn’t bring our businesses to a screeching halt the Democrat Governors did. Now businesses livelihoods are in jeopardy. Wolf should have given them a chance to open safely but they got no chance at all. Wolf tried to keep his business opened but it didn’t go unnoticed and he was forced to close it. Talk about lies that’s a big one for him that he even tried being above all. As all Democrats with money feel they are above Americans by sending business to other country’s. Trump wants prosperity and peace not war for America. Democrats want to sent more business over to China and keep their money and power to control America. TRUMP 🇺🇸 2020 🇺🇸

    2. Obama had more illegal immigrants locked up than Trump. The fake news is showing file footage from The Obama era. Very sad that some people believe the fake news!

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