Political Lawn Signs Stolen and Damaged In Area

by Alex Lloyd Gross

During any election year,  people have strong beliefs as to who they want for president and other offices. This year, feelings are more deep than in recent memory.  Some people support their candidate so much they put a yard sign on their property, to show their support.  Or the put a sign to show support for their local police department.  In Central and Upper Bucks County PA, people are damaging those signs or stealing them outright.

The Warrington Police Department issued a warning to people not to do that.  They have seen an uptick in numbers of reports for damaged or stolen signs and they indicate this trend is continuing in Bucks County, particularly, the central and Upper Regions.  You have the right to disagree  with the candidate or the message. You cannot remove or deface that sign.  To do so is against the law and you can be arrested and prosecuted.  Remember, there is a proliferation of cameras that could catch you doing something. You will be caught in the act and put on the internet. You would be arrested for a moment of stupidity.


The Warrington Police Department said “Please do not let enthusiasm for your own viewpoint cause you to try to interfere with someone else’s right to do the same.”

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