Presidential Debate Was the Worst Display of Statesmanship In American History

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Both candidates were horrible and lost.  Even the moderator, Chris Wallace lost.  The first presidential debate of 2020 was appropriate for 2020. A train wreck.  Both candidates kept interrupting each other, but to be fair, Trump did more.

There were topics that candidates were supposed to stay to. Trump kept pivoting off those topics and tried to take control of the debate, causing Wallace to admonish him. Even Joe Biden told him to “shut up” . The rules were two minutes of uninterrupted speech which turned into a free for all.  The American People, the voters were none to pleased by this display of stupidity and total lack of respect for the electoral process. They voiced their displeasure over social media.

President Donald Trump refused to denounce White Supremacy. “Stand back but stand by”. Here it is, hear it for yourself.  In this same clip-, Joe Biden called Antifa an idea, not a group. That is an shining example of both sides playing into their base and refusing to condemn actions by a specific group.

The terrorist actions in Chicago, Portland and Seattle are done under the Antifa and Black Lives Matter name.Even if the official groups want nothing to do with the violence.   Biden called it an “idea”and Trump was right to correct him.

Biden was interrupted and Over talked by President Trump that he lost his patience and told him to “shut up”  That clip is below.

Trump was anything but presidential when he referred to Senator Elizabeth warren as Pocahontas and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as “Crooked Hilary”. These nicknames go over well for him at a Trump rally, not during a debate by a sitting US President. It was not presidential at all.

Social media blasted both men. It is doubtful that either candidate won over any votes from the other side.  If there is another debate, the moderator would be smart to turn off microphones for candidates that interrupt.