Burglar Breaks Into Store, Steals Dish Soap In Olney

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It is a fact that when thieves steal things, they are not always used by the people stealing the items. Especially in commercial burglaries. People will try to sell their ill gotten wares in the street. Flea markets and  off brand independent stores are good for this kind of activity.   Police in Philadelphia are looking into all leads to find the person responsible for stealing three cases of dish detergent. The brand name of the soap was not supplied by police.


On October 12, 2020 the Aldi store on the 6100 of North Broad Street was burglarized. It was just after midnight  when an unknown black male came in the sore through an unknown manner. Once inside he grabbed three cases of dish soap. Take a look at the below video.  If you know who this male is, police want to hear from you.