Thieves Use Explosives To Rob Pharmacy Safe

Phila Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police are looking for suspects that used an explosive to blow open the safe of a pharmacy on the 3100 block of Frankford Ave. They just released still images of the suspects. They are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Take special note of suspect one who uses a yellow pole ( possibly part of the railing).  This genius  spots a camera, and tries to smash it with the pole. Because, in his mind once the camera is smashed, it cannot take anymore images.  He must have forgotten about the images , clear as a bell of him smashing the camera.  This business is located on the 3100 block of Frankford Ave.

The theft took place overnight, October 27 through 28, 2020.The owner secured the business and returned the next business day,to find his gate pulled up. An unknown amount of drugs and money was taken. police would like to explain to him how cameras work.