Supreme Court Refuses Trump’s Bid To Toss Election Results

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Delaware Valley The United States Supreme Court

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The United States Supreme Court solidified  Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States when they refused to void the results of the Pennsylvania election. Republican Congressman Mike Kelly, from the western part of the state  lead other plaintiffs to the US Supreme Court , hoping they will co9nsider their case of election fraud and toss out about 2.5 million ballots which were mailed in. They wanted the election results wiped out and that way, the Republican lead house would pick the winner.

The court refused to call into question the certification process in the state.  Should this challenge been victorious for Trump, he still would not have enough electoral college votes to win. More than 80,000 votes for Biden were cast in Pennsylvania than were cast for Trump.   A good portion of those votes came from the Philadelphia area.


President Donald Trump is insisting that  there was widespread voter fraud. Trump’s allegations have been just that, allegations.  They have not been proven in court.  He has promised to run again for President Of the United States again in 2024.